Endorsement Policy

In issuing endorsements, KABA-SD is guided by its mission to offer legal, educational, political, charitable, and other services to the Korean-American community, and to advance Korean-Americans in the legal profession.  An endorsement by KABA-SD shall signify that KABA-SD has found the endorsed candidate suitable for the office or position sought, and that such endorsement is consistent with KABA-SD’s mission.  KABA-SD will not be limited in the number of candidates it may endorse where it has been approached by multiple candidates for the same office or position, nor will KABA-SD issue any endorsement for which it does not find a suitable basis.  To that end, KABA-SD may take into consideration each of the following when considering requests for its endorsement:

  1. Qualifications and professional work experience;
  2. Demonstrated fairness and commitment to equality of opportunity;
  3. Involvement in community activities and local bar associations;
  4. Commitment to diversity;
  5. Integrity, character, and temperament;
  6. Aptitude and communication skills; and
  7. Past and present nexus to the Korean-American community, to other communities of color, and to KABA-SD.

Who May Apply: KABA-SD will consider requests for endorsements from candidates seeking judicial office, candidates seeking office on the San Diego County Bar Association (“SDCBA”), and those seeking requests for letters of support or endorsements for local, non-partisan elected positions, such as district attorney and city attorney.  KABA-SD will not contact candidates or endorse any candidate who has not specifically approached KABA-SD for an endorsement.

Ad Hoc Endorsement Committee: When it receives an endorsement request, KABA-SD may appoint an ad hoc endorsement committee to vet and interview the candidate seeking endorsement.  Such ad hoc endorsement committees shall consist of three members of KABA-SD, at least two of whom shall be officers or members of KABA-SD’s Board.

Endorsement Process:

Required Materials: Although KABA-SD retains the right to request additional documents as needed, a candidate seeking endorsement must submit the following materials

    1. cover letter containing the following:
      1. title of position sought and any relevant deadlines;
      2. the candidate’s qualifications for the position sought;
      3. the candidate’s reasons for seeking KABA-SD’s endorsement; and
      4. the candidate’s involvement with KABA-SD, the Korean-American community, and connection to other minority bar groups;
    2. A copy of the candidate’s application for the position sought and all supporting application materials; and
    3. CV, resume, or biography detailing the candidate’s experience.
  1. Optional Materials: Candidates seeking endorsement are encouraged, but not required, to also submit the following materials:
    1. A list of professional references, preferably including at least one reference from an attorney who was opposing counsel; and
    2. Any other relevant materials supporting the candidate’s application for the position sought.
  2. Candidate Interview: Representatives of KABA-SD, generally consisting of the ad hoc endorsement committee formed to consider the candidate’s endorsement request, will conduct a live interview with the candidate, either in-person or by telephone.
  3. Reference Check: If the candidate submitted them, representatives of KABA-SD, generally consisting of the ad hoc endorsement committee formed to consider the candidate’s endorsement request, will contact each of the candidate’s references.
  4. Recommendation: Those who participated in the candidate interview and reference check will submit a recommendation to the Board for a formal vote on the endorsement request.
  5. Vote: The board’s vote will be determined by a simple majority of participating board members.
  6. Letter of Endorsement: Upon deciding to endorse a candidate, the Board may, in its discretion, prepare a letter, on KABA-SD letterhead, formally endorsing the candidate.  Such a letter shall include:
    1. A summary of KABA-SD’s mission; and
    2. A brief description (if relevant) of the candidate’s specific qualifications for the endorsement

    Confidentiality: The names and application materials of all candidates seeking endorsement shall be kept confidential.

    Expenses: KABA-SD will not dedicate or use any part of its funding towards supporting or endorsing a candidate.

    Reservation of Rights: KABA-SD reserves the right to decline endorsement requests based on insufficient time for its evaluation, and generally reserves the right to decline to review any endorsement request in its discretion.

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